You Speak For Yourself, and the Media Listens


A lot has happened over the past two weeks! WSFT members have provided an incredible response to the Women’s March and March for Life. Many of you have marched, written op-eds and letters to the editor, and made noise that is changing the way people see the “women’s perspective” on “reproductive rights”.

The media has paid attention to your efforts. Your decision to take advantage of the public interest in women and pro-life issues is paying off. Here are places where WSFT members’ voices have been heard over the past two weeks alone:

Women’s March:

Media coverage:

-WSFT member Maria Lyon featured in The New York Times

-WSFT member Maria Lyon featured at MercatorNet

-WSFT member Maria Lyon featured at Quartz

-WSFT Executive Director Meg McDonnell featured at America Magazine

-WSFT Executive Director Meg McDonnell’s TV interview at the Daily Signal

-WSFT member Annie Maclean featured at LifeNews


-WSFT founder Helen Alvaré at Crux

-WSFT member Mary Hallan Fiorito at Crux

-WSFT member Annie MacLean (writing on behalf of WSFT) at Federalist

-WSFT member (and Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum Board President) Carol Crossed at the Washington Post

Letters to the Editor:

-WSFT member Suzanne Landis at The Gettysburg Times

-WSFT member Sue Anderson at the Austin Daily Herald

March for Life

-WSFT Executive Director Meg McDonnell’s op-ed at Crux

-WSFT’s “She is Strong Enough to Love” March for Life signs featured in mainstream media: at NPR; at MSN, and at the Independent Journal Review

So, WSFT members, don’t stop now. The pro-life, pro-woman perspective continues to be a needed voice as the new administration moves forward on its pro-life commitments. Keep talking about what women really want!

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