Yes, Media Bias is Huge. Yes, We Can Still Win.

Recently, the self-described left-of-center Politico magazine reported that the US “Media Bubble Is Worse than You Think”, based upon data showing that reporters live and work mostly in expensive coastal cities boasting expensively educated populations earning higher incomes.

To get a quick feel for Politico’s conclusions, they report—in addition to the fact that only 7% of journalists identify as Republicans—that:

  • there are now more Internet than print news jobs, and 73% of all Internet news jobs are in the Boston to Richmond or the Seattle to San Diego and Phoenix corridors;
  • “[n]early 90 percent of all Internet publishing employees work in a county where Clinton won, and 75 percent of them work in a county that she won by more than 30 percentage points.”

Which is why they never saw Trump coming.

And why they don’t know what most of us are thinking either…about what’s healthy and freeing for women and children when it comes to sex, dating and marriage.  People—journalists included—are influenced by their peers and surroundings. It’s Sociology 101.  This is why Glamour magazine reporters in New York claim they’re “empowering” teen girls in Michigan with sex tips, or reassurances that having an abortion is just no big deal.

How do we answer such power? Politico suggests: “Journalists respond to their failings best when their vanity is punctured with proof that they blew a story that was right in front of them.”

So let’s show them they’re “blowing it.”  In fact, that’s what Women Speak for Themselves lives for!—to empower you to sound your voice, locally and nationally about how women (and children! and men!) win when sex, kids and marriage stay connected.

It’s not rocket science.

1.Check our webpage and facebook for the latest news, facts and factsheets.

2.Use these to write your own story or reply to published article.

3.Use the techniques we recommend in our media-training materials.

By their nature, “bubbles” can be popped pretty easily. So please won’t you get your facts and stories and opinions out to the media whenever you can?

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