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Goals of the WSFT blog:  WSFT aims to overturn the narrative that the heart of women’s freedom is sex without marriage and children, and to replace it with ideas about the real, proved, lived and authentic contents of women’s freedom. We also aim to celebrate the voice of religion and religious organizations in offering another path to women – a path which is far superior to the current and leading cultural messages about sex and freedom.  We therefore joyfully support religions’ freedom to teach and to live by these truths.

The question WSFT asks is: What can women do in their lives, their families, their churches, their communities to better answer the question of the sources and contents of women’s freedom? Currently, governments and interest groups claiming to speak for all women claim that sex without kids (via contraception and abortion)  are the centerpiece and linchpin of women’s freedom. That this would promote equality between the sexes, happier marriages, women’s happiness and health, women’s achievement at work, and better male/female relationships. But this program has failed.

So what does promote women’s freedom in all of these arenas? What have you experienced? What have you read or learned? Share it with us! Both the positive and the negative. Both the funny and the sad. Both the intellectual and the everyday.

Audience: The audience for WSFT’s blog is broad and diverse. We aim to show reasonable people  (and attract more besides!) what data, science and personal experience communicate about women, women’s freedom, contraception, abortion, sex, relationships, and women’s appreciation of religion. Please draft your content to reach people of all faiths or no faith, but feel free to share and draw from your own experiences.

Tone: The tone we are going for is “real”- not preachy, formal, or stuffy. It is also truthful, intelligent and with genuine love for women and men and children. If possible, aim for positive arguments as opposed to negative arguments, and support your arguments with research or compelling personal stories. Writing about sexual ethics and relationships, about health or work –  even philosophically –  can of course become very personal, so please feel free to be as discreet as you like about personal experiences.

Length: We will accept pieces between 400 and 1,000 words.

Topics: We welcome articles on all topics that touch on the unity of sex, marriage, and children, and show how that unity leads to healthier women and families, and a healthy society. We welcome topics about the importance of religious freedom, the necessity of community, and healthy practices for women’s social lives and relationships. We invite your best suggestions about the real meaning and contents of women’s freedom in this 21st century. Articles that offer real, practical insight and suggestions are appreciated. Topics can range from philosophy to pop culture to social commentary to real-life stories, as long as they fit the central mission and theme of WSFT.

Editing: Accepted submissions will be edited by WSFT staff. Minor grammatical changes and other errors will be corrected. Bigger changes or suggestions will be sent to you for your comment and approval.