WSFT Member Speaks for Herself- Publix Listens.

Often, you just have to find a little courage to speak your mind to improve your local world a bit.

One of our WSFT members was shopping in a local Publix grocery store and “inwardly deploring” the Cosmo Magazine at kids’ eye-level at the checkout.

But then she felt the strength that comes from knowing that tens of thousands of other women at WSFT agree with her and want to change their worlds! After speaking with the assistant manager, who told her that Publix would change the magazine’s display location, she emailed Publix “customer support” and told them that the store shouldn’t even be carrying that sort of publication.

Here’s Publix’ reply:

From: <>
Date: November 25, 2017 at 1:32:51 PM EST
Subject: Publix Reply – Case Ref # 1548488

Dear _____:

Please accept my sincere apology for the Cosmopolitan cover at the checkout line. This particular shipment was delivered to our store the day before and should not have been displayed at the checkout line considering the content. I share your concern. I have a young niece and I know this is something I would not want her to be exposed to. The magazines were covered as we require, but considering the content, I would not have allowed this particular magazine to be merchandised on our shelves.

Moving forward I will ensure that all magazines will be approved for their content prior to making it to the sales floor. Please accept my sincere apology and give me the opportunity the next time you are in the store to offer that apology in person. We will put the proper safeguards in place to avoid this from happening in the future.

Thank you,

Scott Gray
Store Manager | Publix

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