Women in Action

Rally at the White House & Lobbying at the Capitol

On August 1, 2013, hundreds of WSFT members participated in a rally outside the White House in favor of religious freedom and in protest of the Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate. The rally consisted of several women speakers–doctors, lawyers, students, and mothers–who shared about their experience of the good of religious organizations for women’s freedom and how women have been disempowered by the effects of contraception and abortion.

Following the rally, a smaller group of women met with the Chief of Staff for Speaker John Boehner and Legislation Director for Senator Mitch McConnell, to urge them to support legislation that supports women’s freedom and religious freedom.

Let Them Serve Rally

WSFT led the rally outside the Supreme Court on the day of Oral Arguments for the Little Sisters of the Poor and their co-plaintiffs. The speakers were different female representatives of plaintiffs, who told different stories about the services they provide to a great variety of Americans, but the common message was unmistakable—that they are women who support the competing voices offered by religious institutions! The rally was attended by hundreds of college students (many from the universities in the case), ordinary citizens, and notably hundreds of religious sisters. It was covered by all major media, and was described by long time activists as “the most joyful scene” they’ve ever seen in front of the Supreme Court.

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rallies

WSFT members across the country spoke at and participated in Stand Up For Religious Freedom rallies, which were coordinated in response to the HHS Mandate. The rallies aimed to send a coordinated message to local and national politicians and media concerning the importance of religious freedom and the good religious organizations do for society.

National Day of Service for the Little Sisters of the Poor

On March 23, 2016, as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for the Little Sisters of the Poor and many other religious organizations, WSFT members across the country, living near many Little Sisters’ homes, participated in Nationwide Day of Service in support of their right to serve.

WSFT women who participated in the Day of Service for the Little Sisters were beyond moved by the peace and beauty of their homes for the aged.  They understood in a fresh and deep way what’s at stake. They also understand the transformative power of close encounters with those who serve others because they love God first.  Like nothing else, these encounters reveal the importance of our cause: religious freedom that serves women’s freedom.