Women and Men Work Together at the Vatican

The big news out of the Vatican this week concerns its new communications team. And stunningly enough, the news involves “one of our own” at Women Speak for Themselves.

The Holy Father appointed veteran American journalist, Greg Burke, as spokesperson for Pope Francis, and Spaniard Paloma Garcia Ovejero as the second in command.

Equally exciting and encouraging for all us at WSFT is the fact that our co-founder, Kim Daniels, has been named a consultor for this Vatican communications team! We are so proud of Kim, and grateful that her talents and our message will be carried to this important post!

Interestingly, the press has focused focused on the “femaleness” of Garcia Ovejero and Kim Daniels. But in Garcia Ovejero’s statement to the press, she pivoted the conversation:

“It’s not about a woman getting the job. It’s a man and a woman, two lay people,” Garcia Ovejero said Monday.

At WSFT, we appreciate the significance of women and men, working together to share the message of faith with the world. We’ve talked for a long time about how the issues of sex, gender difference alongside equality, and the complementarity of women and men are in the crosshairs of the culture’s respect for people of faith.

That’s what I think makes these appointments very exciting to believers–that a religious figure as renowned as Pope Francis has said with his actions: it’s not one gender or the other, it’s both, working together, that can get this job done.

Meg T. McDonnell is executive director of WSFT.

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