Why Today’s Pro-Life Sit-in Mattered

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

 By Gina Witt 

Today, March 25th 2015, two months after The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act was sadly pulled by GOP leadership, pro-life leaders from across the country met at Republican Speaker John Boehner’s office to hold a sit-in/pray-in.  The mission of this event is to hold the Republican leadership accountable to their intended commitment to see the The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act become law. This Bill, banning abortion beyond 20-weeks’ gestation, will in effect, provide the necessary safeguards required to protect the almost 13,000 unborn children who die from late abortion in the U.S each year. The promise made by the GOP House leadership to reschedule this vote did not fall on deaf ears and the pro-life community is rallying to see it through. 

At a time when science is unmistakably working in favor of proving the unborn/preborn child to indeed be a viable human person, a living breathing being with nerve receptors that respond to environmental changes within the womb and process pain, how is it that so many Americans are still blinded to the truth and willing to keep their heads so deeply buried in the proverbial sand? How can it be that in this day and age of resolute efforts for the protection of human rights, the daunting reality remains that a life is only worthy if it is wanted? Well I ask you to consider the possibility that way of thinking, is nothing more than a façade, smoke in mirrors devised by those who stand to make a fortune off of your ignorance and passivity in regards to the culture of death they proclaim. Did you know that even at 40 weeks’ gestation, when we all can agree that the preborn child is considered fully developed, abortion remains legal in nine states? In a recent poll sponsored by The Knights of Columbus in collaboration with the Marist Poll, they report 84 percent of Americans favor restrictions on abortion and 60% say that abortion is morally wrong. So in light of the above statistics to what can we attribute this indifference we are seeing on both sides of the aisle in our Nation’s Capital? I propose it is a direct result of our indifference, our lack of zeal and urgency to make our voices heard. We are their constituents, we put them in office and we each bear the burden and responsibility to remind them why they are there!

The events today on Capitol Hill must not be in vain. We owe it to the innocent ones, the most vulnerable, the millions of martyred unborn children.  At the end of the day this agenda is not a political one but rather one that bores into the core of our being, which challenges our humanity and our very existence. Are we a people willing to leave well enough alone whether it be due to fear, persecution or ignorance? I urge you today to ask yourself that question and to challenge yourself with your answer. Get involved and make your voice heard, there is power in numbers and every voice matters…even yours!

 Gina Witt RDMS, RVT, RPhS resides in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC and was recently trained in the first ever WSFT Spokeswoman Trainin. She is an ultrasonographer with a background in medical advocacy for the Society of Vascular Ultrasound. She owns her own business and contracts her services as a consultant  assisting in the development and regulation of standards and methods for quality medical care in the United States and Canada. She also works on behalf of the Life Issues department of the Archdiocese of Washington.

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