Why Disdain Religious Women?

For many women, the only time they hear the truth about healthy sexuality and the beauty of their female bodies and fertility is through their religious tradition.

The modern, secular view of sex-without-kids has contributed to the immiseration and impoverishment of women. In contrast, the sexual restraint and support for marriage promoted by religious faiths offers a refreshing alternative that often empowers them.

I just published this piece at Crux which explains why no political campaign should smear religious women as “backwards”:

The lazy way in which the Clinton campaign slanders Catholicism as “severely backwards” on gender issues, should be a wake up call for religious women generally.  We know the freedom we experience precisely as religious women. We know that survey after survey shows practicing religious women to be happier and even more satisfied with their relationships and their sexual lives.

But the “brief” against our way of life – the brief that holds our way of life to contradict and not to uphold equality and freedom –  is a big one.

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