Whoa. What’s next?

Even though this long, tumultuous election is over, and we know who our next President is, many of us are experiencing mixed emotions. There’s still so much we don’t know.

As Women Who Speak for Themselves, we have been seriously concerned with Mr. Trump’s past treatment of many women.

We worry about the sex and marriage marketplaces especially for disadvantaged women and girls. Through our Institute’s work at I Believe in Love and at Women Speak for Themselves, every day we address how the separation of sex from marriage and from children’s well-being is a raw deal, especially for less advantaged women and men. On the one hand, Mr. Trump spoke harshly about various disadvantaged groups; while on the other hand, he promised to be the champion of those left behind by our economy and culture.

Many of us may have confidence in his campaign promises to advance pro-life legislation and judges. Some are leery about his ability to uphold those promises.

But of course, a great deal of our future rests in our hands today as it did a week ago!

Laws and policies play but a partial role in culture. What you do in your family, your workplace, your church, your school, your neighborhood still matters a great deal!

You probably feel a little worn out right now, and that’s ok.

Let’s take a couple of weeks to recuperate; to take the temperature of things.  But then we will be inviting you to join a special initiative that is guaranteed to move us forward; to advance authentic freedom for women and girls.

We are also in the midst of planning our next member media training March 2017. And we will continue to inform you daily on our Facebook and blog.

Until then- keep speaking, keep writing, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you speak for yourself!
Photo Credit: Stephen Melkisethian

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