What’s Speaking To Us – Week of October 30, 2017


When You Speak For Yourself, Is Anyone Listening?

At WSFT, we want to give you the facts concerning women’s freedom from a pro-life, pro-women perspective AND we want to equip you with tips onhow to deliver those facts.

This edition of What’s Speaking To Us is focused on some of those tips. If there are tips or resources you’d like that we’re not delivering, please write us!

Reclaim the Combox

Did you see the op-ed in The New York Times this- the one riddled with misinformation on birth control?

WSFT founder Helen Alvaré explains how to use simple facts to take on a bad piece in the span of minutes, using the comment box.

Helen writes:

“It may be filled with trolls, and say what you will, but comment boxes are still widely read by the source’s audience and sometimes even the article’s author or editors.

Point is, people are reading what you write there. You can use simple facts to take on a bad piece in the span of minutes.”

Check out her post to read her comment and gather more tips for your own use!

“Women Speak Wisdom”

In the spirit of wanting to give you quick tips for speaking for yourself, we’ve recently launched a new feature. Every Wednesday, we’ll post on the WSFT Facebook a tip for communicating. We’re calling them Women Speak Wisdom, and we hope they are encouraging, empowering, and helpful for you in your efforts to speak for yourself and for women’s freedom! Not on Facebook, no worries–soon we’ll have these tips categorized on our website.

Here’s this week’s Women Speak Wisdom:

We’re Still Accepting Applications For The WSFT Media Training!

Our 2018 Women Speak For Themselves Media Training will be held in Washington DC March 9-10! If you haven’t had time to fill out an application or have been on the fence about applying, the application will be open until November 15.

We are looking for all types of women to participate- all ages, all backgrounds, all levels of experience.

We are also looking for a range of strengths and abilities. If you love to write, but the idea of speaking on cable news terrifies you (or vice versa) that’s fine! We want to highlight women’s unique gifts and see what you can bring to the table in a variety of mediums, to help the media and the public understand how abortion and contraception disadvantage women, and what women’s freedom really looks like.

More information and the application are here.

How Media Trained Women Are Speaking Out!

And in case you’re not so sure if you’d fit in at our media training, here are the latest publications from previously trained women.

Laura Dororski wrote for Catholic News Agency about the Women’s Convention and what it means for a woman of faith. She writes:

“The Women’s March movement is beautiful, ugly, virtuous, vice-filled, impressive, messy, and in a word – human.  It will likely lead to both good and evil: how much of each remains to be seen.

Thankfully, for a woman of faith, “women’s time” does not depend on participating in a huge, visible movement of millions.”

Sarah Huntzinger wrote for The Federalist on her journey to understand her fertility and it’s goodness. She writes:

“My son, my fourth baby, was conceived in the year I approached advanced maternal age (AMA). He would not be here today if a good friend had not shared the beauty and science of understanding my hormone levels and fertility through fertility awareness-based methods (FABMs).

The years had come upon me suddenly, as career and education had been my focus. I was fortunate to have information on FABMs…”

Dr. Marguerite Duane also wrote for The Federalist about her near death experience provoked by an asthma attack, and her desire for less complaining about the cost of birth control and more money directed toward truly life-saving medications.

WSFT is trying to create a world that is intellectually honest about women’s freedom, about the good of keeping sex, marriage, and children together, and about how our sexualized culture has immiserated women and their families. Because our goals are so lofty and countercultural, we read the news with a careful eye for signs of hope, and to find the places where our voices are needed. Our weekly update—What’s Speaking To Us—will give you a view into what we’re reading, what we’re thinking, and how we’re speaking for ourselves in the media or in our communities.

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Women, empowered with facts, can change the culture!

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