What’s Speaking To Us: Week of October 2, 2017


Reconnecting Sex, Marriage, and Children, for women and for all people

It was a big week for us last week as we rolled out the new brand for the parent organization for WSFT–Reconnect Media, and the HHS contraception mandate was rolled back! You likely have seen the emails Helen’s been sending, articulating our vision and asking for support for our $15,000 matching campaign. If you haven’t checked out our website, take a look, and support us if you can.

In the spirit of our rebrand, this week’s What’s Speaking to Us focuses on the connection between sex, marriage, and children, and how it supports empowering women, strengthening communities, and the general well-being of all people.

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Hugh Hefner, America’s STD Epidemic and Marriage

The CDC released a report last week which detailed that the STD rate is the highest it’s ever been in America, with an estimate of 20 million new cases this year. The CDC blames the increase on the rise of hook-up apps like Tinder, and it seems fitting that this news came the same week Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, died. His work and legacy were all about the breakdown of connection between sex, marriage, and children and the rise of casual, objectifying sex. Writing for the Federalist, Samuel Buntz suggests a point Helen Alvare made a few weeks ago–that our best case against the hook-up culture and its tragic side effects like STD’s is to show its ugliness especially compared with the beauty of committed, happy marriage. As Buntz writes:

“Marriage repays by allowing you to see poetry everywhere, whereas Tinder-based hedonism repays with a burning sensation experienced during urination. A good marriage becomes a source of beauty and illumination. It’s swiping through all the matches on Tinder that becomes the real slog.”

Abolishing The Hook-Up Culture To Abolish Abortion

WSFT is concerned with changing the sexual culture for a myriad of reasons, including because it fuels abortion. So we’re always glad when other pro-life groups acknowledge this reality too. This article at Care Net, a network of pro-life pregnancy centers offers a compelling story of a young woman–Tessa–who got pregnant on a “no-strings attached” hook-up via Tinder. While Care Net celebrates that she decided to keep her baby, they explain the vulnerabilities associated with being raised without a father, as will be the case with Tessa’s baby. Further, they offer a challenge to the “no-strings attached” assumptions found in the hook-up culture, and suggest 3 questions that should be asked before having sex:

“Is this someone I would like to be a potential father or mother to my child?”

“Am I prepared to become a parent? If not, what will I do if I get pregnant?”

“Is my partner prepared to become a parent? If not, what kind of support will they give me in my decision?”

Of course, sex is best in marriage, abortion is always wrong because it kills a life and wounds a woman (and man), and children are significantly better off psychologically, physically, financially, and educationally when they are raised by their married mother and father. But even the baby step of helping young women and men to connect sex with parenthood is a good start to reforming the hook-up culture and lowering the demand for abortion.

How Fixer Upper Inspired Us With More Than Just Beautiful Houses

There were many broken hearts last week when Chip and Joanna Gaines announced they will not be producing Fixer Upper for a sixth season. America has fallen in love with their ingenuity and handiness, their interior design, and their marriage and family life. As journalist Katrina Trinko explained:
“In an era when marriage rates are down, people flirt with notions of open marriages and polygamy, and singles scour Tinder for one-night-stands, a show about home renovation unexpectedly became a celebration of how a husband and wife could be friends and partners, could complement each other and have a genuinely good time just hanging out with each other. In their interactions with each other and their four children, the Gaineses proved happiness isn’t impossible for an old-fashioned family in our modern era.”

WSFT is trying to create a world that is intellectually honest about women’s freedom, about the good of keeping sex, marriage, and children together, and about how our sexualized culture has immiserated women and their families. Because our goals are so lofty and countercultural, we read the news with a careful eye for signs of hope, and to find the places where our voices are needed. Our weekly update—What’s Speaking To Us—will give you a view into what we’re reading, what we’re thinking, and how we’re speaking for ourselves in the media or in our communities.

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