What’s Speaking To Us – Washington Post: Let’s Rethink Sex

Washington Post: Let’s Rethink Sex

At least some people at the Washington Post think it’s time to talk about ethics and guardrails for sex. Washington Post opinion editor, Christine Emba made the attempt to articulate such hopes this week. Emba writes:

“A sex-above-all ethic, combined with a power structure that protects and enables men (alas, it’s almost always men) is what allows the Charlie Roses of the world to think that it’s fine to grope and proposition their subordinates: After all, Rose thought he was pursuing “shared feelings.” It’s what makes comedian Louis C.K. think that as long as he “asked first” and women didn’t say no, it was acceptable to make them watch him masturbate.”

She cedes she doesn’t believe we’ll get to a point where sex outside of marriage is “disallowed or discouraged” but she does suggest that “now could be the time to reintroduce virtues such as prudence, temperance, respect and even love. We might pursue the theory that sex possibly has a deeper significance than just recreation and that “consent” — that thin and gameable boundary — might not be the only moral sensibility we need respect.

Yes! It’s a start. Because we know from countless stories and studies, that sex separated from love, commitment and even the idea of children is far more damaging than our culture currently tells us.

From the November 27 edition of “What’s Speaking to Us.” To read the whole edition, click here.

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