What’s Next for WSFT

Women Speak for Themselves is not just a blog, but a movement, with new projects in the pipeline for 2016! (see below).

Read more about our history here. From writing Supreme Court Amicus briefs, to holding rallies, to organizing service days, WSFT aims to shape the future of discourse and action about women, by advancing women’s true health and freedom.

As WSFT’s founder Helen Alvaré shared yesterday, this movement is needed to counteract the loud voice of the dominant culture that insists women must deny their fertility and desire for committed love in order to be “empowered.”

This blog is a necessary part of our movement for several reasons. It is a way for WSFT staff to disseminate the valuable information we uncover every day to women all over the world. It’s a tool for women who are looking for just the right facts, words, and sources to use when making countercultural arguments about women’s health, freedom, and sexuality. It’s also an avenue for you to speak for yourself and educate others by getting your own articles published.

In addition to our blog—which we will be updating several times a week—WSFT has other ideas in the pipeline to help women like you engage with important issues and advance your ideas, joining the public conversation on what women want and need.

Our goals in the future include:

  1. Helping women mobilize friends in their area to exchange ideas and build powerful networks
  2. Organizing more service days to support and showcase the wonderful work that women and religious organizations do in their communities
  3. Continuing WSFT media training and providing educational opportunities to interested women

We are looking forward to sharing more of these projects on the blog and on our Facebook page. Keep checking in to learn more. We’re so excited to be on this journey with you!

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