What Pro-Life Women Need To Know About Kavanaugh

The whole world knows now that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to the US Supreme Court. Of course, it is impossible to predict whether he will be confirmed to the Court, or what he will do when he gets there.

Here are three quick points to keep in mind:

1. Good news: he is known for interpreting the Constitution according to its text, and not according to his personal opinions. This is an important change from Justice Kennedy, whose opinions, especially concerning the family, were about his personal views, and not about what the Constitution said. Of course, the Constitution does not contain a right to abortion, and it would be great if five Justices would say so!

2. Whether they believe it or not (or whether they are just trying to quell hysteria on opponents’ part), I notice that conservative supporters of Kavanaugh continually say that, when he is a Justice, Roe v. Wade (which made abortion legal in all 50 states) will not be overruled.

3. Whatever is the case, the next weeks and months will feature nonstop hysteria about Roe from its most extreme supporters. We will do our best to help you talk about how to reduce the “demand” for abortion should that decision (blessedly) go down in flames in the future. We will also help you talk about how legal abortion is helping to shape a sex and marriage “marketplace” hostile to women.

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