What Kennedy’s Retirement Means for Women and Life


It’s a big moment for the pro-life movement.

With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, it appears that the Supreme Court might soon have a 5-4 majority needed to overturn Roe v. Wade. Faster that we could have imagined, the law that made abortion legal in all 50 states may be no more.

It’s a big moment for women who speak for themselves, too. In the (take your pick) tornado/circus/civil war that will ensue, our work to assure the public that women are better off in a pro-life legal system is more necessary than ever.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Ending Roe Isn’t Certain

I say the Supreme Court “may” overturn Roe because while – with Trump’s replacement – we would have 5 Justices by Presidents who pledged to appoint pro-life judges, there is always the question whether a given Court has the guts to overthrow such an explosive case.  There is also the question whether Justices who have not previously expressed their views in abortion cases will do so when the “big case” that could overturn Roe comes before them.

We also know that in order to survive their Senate confirmation hearings without igniting World War III, even likely pro-life proposed Justices regularly tell the Senate that they “understand that Roe is settled law.” I am therefore cautiously optimistic about the ability of five Justices (including the next appointee) to overturn Roe.

  1. Women Have the Perfect Opportunity to Speak Up for Life

While judicial appointments are not the heart of the work of WSFT, we DO insist upon the fact that – in addition to its being the killing of an innocent human being – legal abortion has led to the devaluing of women. It has trivialized sex and degraded male/female relationships, to women’s great detriment. It has reduced people’s understanding of the value of children, and other vulnerable people. Therefore, we profoundly hope for the appointment of a 5th pro-life Justice.

With the public’s attention on pro-life issues, now is a wonderful time to speak for yourself by writing an op-ed for your local paper, calling in on the radio, sharing your thoughts on social media, or talking with friends and family about why abortion does not benefit women—and why a pro-life country, and culture, could.

  1. We Need to Think NOW About Life Post-Roe.

At the same time, our work on the “demand side” of abortion will be very important in the coming weeks and months. No matter what decision any politician or Supreme Court Justice makes, we will never end the cycle of abortion unless women reconnect sex with marriage and children in our culture. Even if abortion is illegal at the federal level, women will continue to suffer high rates of crisis pregnancy unless the sex and dating environment changes. Sex, dating, and lack of commitment or support from their baby’s father play into a woman’s likelihood to face unplanned pregnancy and their decision to choose abortion. We need to help women understand that the “need” for abortion can and should be dramatically reduced. Women can choose to avoid putting themselves and their children at risk by saving sex for loving commitment in marriage And that they will be so much happier for it!  Read more by downloading our free ebook.

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