We See You, Daily Show


Extreme pro-choice logic isn’t about women. It isn’t about their health. It is about continuing to enable a cultural pattern of sexual expression that most fits the desires of selfish men, at the expense of women and the children that are the product of female fertility.

This disgusting tweet by from the Daily Show illustrates how extremely anti-woman “pro-choice” logic can be:


Note the levity with which the Daily Show embraces abortion, that great enabler of sex without consequences (to them, at least). Women (ya know, “someone”), their bodies and their babies are objects to be discarded. Funny!

While you may cut the Daily Show some slack for bad taste, their response does little to dispel the notion that they are truly jazzed by this extreme ruling, which makes abortion more dangerous than ever for women:


Translation? “We’re pro-choice because it is ‘exciting’ for us. Women can continue to ‘choose’ to have abortions in places with such low standards of care that they face serious health risks.”

I suppose this is an “exciting” win for narcissistic playboys looking for action. No baby to worry about because it can be “taken care of” in an hour. They don’t even have to drive their hookup very far. She can go to a local unregulated filth hole, whose narrow halls won’t fit a gurney should she bleed out.

We see you, Daily Show. You’ve made it very clear how little you care about us.

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