Two Thoughts and an Action Request


First, I finally had the chance to read the entire leaked proposal to rollback the Contraception Mandate and noticed something pretty wild: it relies primarily on WSFT’s argument!  Our argument that there is no compelling interest in forcing religious employers to fund drugs and devices which have not demonstrated that they effectively lower rates of unintended pregnancies, nonmarital births or abortion.  The federal Department of Health and Human Services cites my research (note 29) and is nearly quoting from our arguments and sources in both my research and our Supreme Court brief, on pages 36 to 42 of the proposed regulation.

Here’s the lesson: scientifically sourced, reasonably expressed arguments CAN win in the end!  It’s been five years of insisting that we have the facts and FINALLY, the powers-that-be listened.

So let’s not forget the power of the truth going forward.

Second, you may have noticed a NYTimes feature (writer Nicholas Kristof, sigh….) in which existing Planned Parenthood clients berate Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for thinking of defunding Planned Parenthood. Among other claims, the people interviewed claim that Planned Parenthood ensures that they don’t get pregnant or get a sexually transmitted disease from their boyfriends. The implication of course is that the people defunding Planned Parenthood are responsible.  Get it? The women speaking in the article are making other people responsible for their own sexual choices.  It would be great if some of you would weigh in in the comments box with your thoughts on this, or any other aspect of the article! Or, write your own letter to the editor. (Remember when we weighed in on the “Woman’s March” and one of our women landed on the cover of the NYTimes??)

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