Tips from Women in Ohio on Visiting Your Representative about FADA

Laura, a fellow WSFT follower and member from Ohio, contacted us and told us about her recent visit with Rep. Bill Johnson. Her letter read:
Dear Helen,
       In response to your email, I contacted my congressmen and was able to arrange a meeting with Rep. Bill Johnson.  We met this morning in Steubenville.  There five women at the meeting (not counting his staff member, Sarah):
  • a Chemistry professor from Franciscan University
  • a member of Franciscan University Students for Life
  • a homeschooling mother of nine
  • a nurse and wife of a Franciscan professor who volunteers for our local PRC
  • me, homeschooling wife of another Franciscan professor
        Rep. Johnson said that he had not yet read the FADA as it was still in committee, but assured us of his commitment to religious liberty.  He said that the clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses in Kentucky should never have been sent to prison.  We told him that, ever since the HHS Mandate came up, we’ve been afraid of what a loss of religious freedom might mean for Franciscan University.  He assured us that he was well aware of the good Franciscan does and that he is committed to protecting it.
       We also discussed Planned Parenthood.  I told Rep. Johnson that I would love to see conservatives take back the “War on Women” language.  Planned Parenthood is like an abusive boyfriend–they lie to you, hurt you, and then try to convince you that you can’t live without them.  Rep. Johnson stated his commitment to passing pro-life legislation.  He also said that he thought the Republican Party needs someone in PR who could get their message out to women effectively.  Someone in the group suggested that he contact you.
       Bill Johnson also urged us to speak up on social media.  He said he gets 10 negative comments for every 1 positive one on his Facebook page.  He also encouraged us to mobilize as many conservative voters as we can.
       All in all, it was an encouraging meeting.  I had never spoken with a member of Congress before and never would have thought to do so if you hadn’t sent out your email.  Thank you!  I will soon write to our Senators, with whom we were not able to meet in person.
Amazing, right? Laura also left us with some helpful tips if you are thinking about doing this yourself.
1.  Spend as much time praying for your meeting as you do preparing for it.
2.  Google “how to meet your member of Congress” and “etiquette for meeting a member of Congress.”  It’s easy to find that information, and very helpful.
3.  If you think of yourself as a nobody/not an expert/not eloquent, don’t worry.  You’re a voter and someone your member of Congress has been elected to represent.  They WANT to know what’s important to you.
Like Laura said, our representatives want to know what we have to say, and examples like these women in Ohio show us and inspire us to continue to speak for ourselves! Keep up the good work!

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