Tips for Your WSFT Gathering


Here are some helpful hints for your starting your first WSFT Gathering!


  1. You group does not have to be big to make a big impact! 4-6 women attending regularly can accomplish significant things.
  2. In order to get that many to attend, invite slightly more that you think will say yes. You can let women know via text message, email, Facebook, or in person.
  3. Extend invitations to women you are comfortable accommodating. You don’t have to invite women you don’t think will benefit from the group discussion.
  4. That being said, keep an open mind. You don’t only have to bring in women who share your views, especially if they are mature and open to discussion. You would be surprised at how much women “across the aisle” have in common with each other.

Setting up:

  1. Don’t worry too much about presentation– the perfect house or the perfect meal. The important thing is that women are gathering together. They will be grateful for your hospitality and offering your space to connect!
  2. Keep it simple by preparing a few items, but encourage women to potluck with dishes, drinks, or snacks.
  3. Feel free to host at another mellow location that allows for conversation. Your gatherings can be at a coffeeshop after morning school drop-off, or over drinks and dessert for women who work close to each other.


  1. The discussion questions are jumping-off points to your conversation. Don’t fuss about keeping everyone on track if you’ve unearthed some new, relevant topics, but try to answer all of the questions before the end of the night.
  2. Encourage all women to participate, but don’t force anyone to share.
  3. Not every WSFT Gathering is going to inspire a new idea or plan of action. Let the conversation flow. You can always follow up with new thoughts at the next WSFT Gathering or via e-mail.
  4. Similarly, not every woman in your group may want to participate in every initiative your WSFT Gathering comes up with. That is fine, too. Allow women the freedom to participate only in the activities they believe in, but motivate everyone to keep moving forward with plans of action for your community.

Preparing for the next WSFT Gathering:

  1. If possible, pick regular monthly date and time, like the first Thursday of every month at 7pm.
  2. Set up a group text or Facebook event and send reminders to the women before each month’s WSFT Gathering.
  3. Give us feedback! We want to know how you’ve been doing, what you’ve done or learned, and how we can better support you.