Time Sensitive Request: Support Religious Liberty in Indiana

The following was sent last night via email to our supporters. 


To each and every signatory of WSFT:


            Indiana has passed a law which balances religious freedom for citizens, groups and businesses, with the state’s “compelling interests” in requiring everybody to obey this or that particular law which might burden religion.  It is not a remarkable law. The same language was passed federally by a bipartisan Congress in 1993 and signed by President Clinton. About 31 states have such a law either by statute or state constitutional interpretation.


            The text of the law is here.


            Since 1990, when the Supreme Court radically reduced religious freedom protections, if a state doesn’t have its own religious freedom guarantee, federal courts will not protect religious believers from the burdens imposed by most laws. The Indiana law is not a license to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation. But it just might help businesses who don’t want to cooperate with contraception and abortion mandates, same-sex marriage, or assisted suicide. 


            LGBT groups are threatening to destroy Indiana financially.  Groups like Apple and Angie’s List and the NCAA are also punishing Indiana.


            Can you do three things? Everyone? Today?


  1. Send notes of Support to Governor Mike Pence at http://in.gov/gov/2333.htm.  Say THANK YOU in the headline and thank him for signing and standing strong on the law.
  2.  Send notes to Angie’s List (http://support.angieslist.com/app/ask) and Apple (https://www.apple.com/feedback/supplierresponsibility.html or email Media.help@apple.com) telling them what you think of their tactics.
  3. Send a quick note to your local paper…or call in to radio or TV? telling them what you think about the effort to crush Indiana?


Finally for Those of you in Indiana: Can you demonstrate support at the Governor’s Mansion or the State house in person? AND send notes to your local papers all over Indiana?


Now is when the grass roots power of our group can do some good if EACH of you does a LITTLE.


With gratitude!

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