Three ways one woman can make a difference in 2017

March for Life is two days away and this year’s theme is the Power of One: perfect! At WSFT, we have always affirmed that one woman, in her local community, has the power to support a culture of authentic freedom and respect for women.

Whether you can join us in DC or not, there is still so much that one woman can do this month or year to support the cause of women and life. Inspired by this truth, we wanted to highlight three moments in 2016 that showed the Power of One for women and life.

  1. Local mom compels boys’ school to address porn problem

A WSFT member was troubled about the rumors she heard regarding a porn addiction problem at an all boys’ school her daughters’ friends attended. This mom wrote a letter to the principal of the boy’s school, informing him of the rumors and risks, and suggesting some speakers and ways to address the problem. Alarmed at her letter, the principal wrote her back, agreeing that  something needed to be done and reassuring her that he would to pursue her suggestions. A win for this mom, and the young women and men in this community!

2. Notre Dame student invites fellow female students to reject the message of Wendy Davis

Controversy erupted on the Notre Dame campus when State Senator Wendy Davis spoke at the Catholic university, heralded in promotional materials as a “heroine” for her stand against “devastating legislation seeking to limit women’s access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.” One Notre Dame woman, Laura Wolk, penned a poignant letter to her fellow female students who attended Davis’ lecture, encouraging them ask for more for themselves. Wolk wrote: “So this is my challenge to you, women of Notre Dame: Critically question the dominant cultural narrative that being born a woman means being handicapped by a fertility problem that you must “rise up” against. Listen to that still, soft voice the next time she speaks to your innermost heart and entertain, even for a moment, the radical belief that, by virtue of your very creation, you are enough.” 

3. Women across America stand with the Little Sisters of the Poor on their big day in the Supreme Court

While hundreds rallied in front of the Supreme Court for the Little Sisters’ day of Oral Arguments at the Supreme Court, 16 WSFT members organized their friends and family to stand in solidarity with the Little Sisters in their homes. Each woman coordinator invited her friends and community to join them in the effort. The women at various homes assembled Easter baskets with the sisters, helped with cooking, visited with residents in the home, and prayed with the sisters. For the Little Sisters, the presence of friendly faces in their homes helped diffuse some understandable anxiety many were experiencing while the Supreme Court debated their case far away in Washington. As one Sister told a group of volunteers: “Your visit took the tension out of the day for us.”

And that’s what this movement is all about, women speaking and acting for themselves and for the good of other women, men, and children. This year, let’s make sure our belief in the power of one woman’s actions is greater than our fear. Let us each find our own ways to speak and act with grace and courage for the good of women and for all.

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