The Ugliness Of Meaningless Sex is The Strongest Argument Against It

Cosmopolitan magazine just published an article about sex at the nation’s #1 party school. I’ve read all the hookup books out there (not fun) and I can testify that this article shows that things have hit a disturbing low.

Young women reveal that without anonymous sex, there’s hardly the prospect of getting a date:

“There are a lot of girls who are having sex just because they want someone to talk to them,” {a college girl} explains. “Here’s the main problem with our generation, hookup culture, and college: Guys are resistant to giving girls a chance, or even getting to know you, unless you have sex with them. But once you have sex with them, most of them are done with you!”

Later, these women claim it’s all part of the unique freedom of college, while simultaneously telling harrowing stories of passed-out sex, near-rape, and broken hearts.

Here’s what I see—moral categories aside. Meaningless sex is just plain ugly. No beautiful thoughts, no beautiful words. Cherished clothes lost in some chaotic frathouse. Hangovers, Snapchat pictures of passed-out girls in forgotten locations, and porn-inspired, painful sex acts women think are gross.

Even if you flavor this stew with the passing excitement, the physical pleasure, the (brief) hopes for a potential joint future…it’s still “net ugly.”

For so long now, churches have been trying to formulate the definitive arguments about how and why God intends us to link sex with marriage. The Catholic Church has tried to articulate the importance of keeping the “unitive and procreative” aspects of sex together; thus it’s teachings on contraception or nonmarital sex.

I think, though, that the sheer ugliness of sex divorced entirely from the slightest thoughts of the good of the other person—from future, family, children…and even love…is an argument that today swamps the power of these intellectual arguments—good as they are and true as they are.

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