The Power of Sisterhood

For the thousands of WSFT women convinced that they have no important story to tell or talent for telling it…please read this!

By the time 22 women came to Washington March 9-10 for WSFT’s annual media training, I was exhausted from two weeks of flu overlapped with two weeks of consecutive writing deadlines.  I dreaded putting down my TheraFlu and Kleenex long enough to give my opening presentation.

And then I met “our” women.  It is no exaggeration to say that all the energy (and grace!)  I could hope for came flooding back.  And I remembered that sisterhood is powerful.

Yeah…I know. So many readers think that “sisterhood” is a feminist myth. The myth that women can unify for their common interests. Turns out there’s a lot of truth to it when women unite around the immiseration of women in a sex and marriage marketplace operating against the true interests of women, their daughters and their friends.  And I saw it by the bucketful over two days (18 hours) of WSFT training!

The stories women can tell! About themselves or their clients, daughters, patients, students and friends. Whether they have been pressured for sex as the price of a date, or the victim of another’s porn addiction or even trafficking.  Whether they are teaching women of every religion and no religion about natural fertility instruction, or bravely writing an article for their school paper.

The expertise women have! Whether they are talking sense to a local school board, or counseling a patient suffering a pill-induced blood clot, or talking sense to their daughter and her friends about dating, sex and marriage.

The strength women take from one another! As each WSFT trainee recounted her experience, her expertise, her attempt to spread common sense sexual-sanity to another person or a group—all of the other trainees were in awe of the good accomplished and the possibilities for the future. It is no exaggeration to say that each woman understood better her individual importance and her possible influence when she saw herself through the eyes of the women around her.   “You have GOT to tell more teenagers your story!” “What a powerful witness your marriage is to the power of committed love!”  “So you really said THAT to the schoolboard? You go girl!”

And WSFT keeps this feeling alive, long after training weekends are done, and beyond our “trainees.” With our Facebook updates, emails, factsheets, Gatherings, and now online trainings which we started March 26. And our personal help to women all over the US,  working to express the REAL meaning of women’s  freedom in their local communities.

So go ahead and say it (and live it too).  It’s not silly. WSFT Sisterhood is powerful.

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