The HHS Mandate Ignore Health Risks Associated with Contraception: Rebecca’s Story

dr peckI am a practicing family physician who practices alongside my husband, Dr. Benjamin Peck.  We have over 5,000 patients, and I see mainly women patients.  We offer a broad array of family practice and gynecological services to women.

Because of our deeply held religious beliefs, and because we have seen firsthand many medical harms of oral contraceptive pills (OCP), we no longer prescribe them.  Over our 15 plus years of doctoring, we have seen young women have strokes, blood clots, heart attacks and lipid disorders.  We have seen older women who were on the pill from other doctors develop breast cancer after years of use.  We have seen young, sexually active women on OCPs develop cervical cancer, or have horrible problems with contracting STDs, and with persistent HPV (Human papillomavirus) infection.

Despite these tangible medical harms, we have witnessed that many women on the pill seem depressed and have decreased libidos. We have seen them have multiple relationships that are not satisfying. They feel “used”. When the time comes and they actually find a man they wish to marry, we have seen that many of them know nothing about their actual fertility system, and do not know how to detect when ovulation is nearing.  Since many of them have been on the pill since their teen years, they have no appreciation about their “normal” state.  When they try to conceive (become pregnant), many find this difficult, and then are thrown into the infertility spectrum of the further manipulation of their fertility, with in vitro drugs and procedures.

While there are a very few women who actually benefit from the use of the pill (i.e. patients with endometriosis, or severe dysmennorhea), there are far more women who I feel have really been harmed by it.  For this reason, I feel it imperative to speak out against the pill, and stand up for women reclaiming the right to know more about their fertility, and more about these dangerous drugs.

The HHS Mandate ignores the health risks associated with contraception. It is misleading and irresponsible.

No one speaks for all women on these issues. Women Speak For Themselves. Join the 40,000 plus women from all different states, political views, and religious backgrounds who are working to make their voices heard.

Dr. Rebecca Peck, MD, CCD, Marquette NFP Instructor

Pecks Family Practice, PLC

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