Talking Points

Do you get frustrated that the media rarely features women who defend sex and kids within a loving commitment, instead of uncommitted sex and abortion? And that “the other side” is so much louder in demanding “women’s rights” to abortion, casual sex and “free” hormonal birth control?

The problem is not that media doesn’t care about women who are pro-life and pro-sexual sanity; they just don’t tend to receive sufficiently regular and high-quality content by them.

So we need to share our perspective far more often. Relentlessly write letters and op-eds to publish at major news outlets.The media can’t ignore our side of the story if we continue to keep them in the loop!

Here are the best tools to help you get started.

What To Say &

How To Say It

Quick, factual talking points about women’s freedom meant to help you respond to breaking news on social media, among your friends, and in your communities.

Ideas For Writing

Tips and guidelines to help you develop effective letters to the editor, opinion pieces, and/or blog posts concerning women’s freedom regarding abortion, contraception, sex, dating, and marriage.

Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets treat the big questions concerning women’s freedom with accurate and up-to-date information, strong sources, and in easily understandable formats. Remember, women, empowered with facts, can change the culture!