Speak for Yourself to The New York Times About Abortion

How would you like to make a brief but spectacular contribution to the international discussion on abortion?  No cost to you, just a few minutes of your time to answer this New York Times open invitation to hear what YOU have to say about abortion.

Given our work at WSFT, I think we could contribute especially well on the following subjects:

  • too little social and cultural support for women wishing to keep their children and not abort them;
  • too little support for motherhood in the US, leading to more abortion;
  • way too much focus on adults’ rights to sexual expression, and almost nothing on the fact that “sex makes babies,” so as to leave women and men often and utterly unprepared to welcome a new life after sex;
  • abortion regret, a suffering far too little acknowledged in the US

Please please let’s overwhelm the NYT with our responses! If we don’t…you know who will, right?!

Note that the web form is confusing: it appears that you can’t finish filling out the second page and submit your response unless you enter numerals in the box for “year you had an abortion.” It is unclear whether it is a glitch, or whether NYT is intentionally seeking responses only from post-abortive women. Other boxes on the previous page asked whether responders had considered abortion or not, and had room to explain why, and allowed responders go on to the next page of the survey even if they had said they had not considered an abortion, so it’s likely only a web glitch. If you have not had an abortion and would like to share your thoughts with NYT, you might put numerals in the box and make sure you have explained in your responses that you have not personally had an abortion.

Of course, it’s possible NYT is actually only looking for women who are post-abortive to respond. We do hope our brave WSFT members who are post-abortive will reply to the survey, and speak for themselves about their abortion experience.

Thank you for speaking for yourselves!

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