Speak for yourself- and help defund Planned Parenthood

An exciting new rule proposed by HHS says that clinics that perform abortions can no longer receive federal dollars. Unless they separate their “family planning services” physically and financially from abortion, the money will be redirected to community health centers that do not perform abortions. This could defund Planned Parenthood by millions each year!

This is great chance to speak for yourself! Comments on the proposed rule are being accepted by the Administration through July 31, 2018. We know that pro-abortion groups are planning to publish as many negative comments about the rule as they can. All the more reason to raise your voice.

Here’s how you can speak for yourself:

  1. This link at Human Life Action communicates to the government your support for keeping abortion-related activity separate from government-funded family planning programs. HLA’s sample letter supports the proposed rule. You can easily add your own comments to their letter.
  2. If you prefer to submit something on your own, here is the link to send your own letter to the government. You could use part or all of the following observations. Go ahead! Mix, match, and add your own thoughts!

As a woman who believes that abortion is not healthcare because it damages women physically, mentally, and emotionally, I support the proposed rule.
Title X projects should physically and financially separate from abortion, which is not a form of preventative family planning. Government funded projects with ties to abortion-related services, or that compel providers to refer for abortion, do not fall within the scope of the Title X. They also undermine women’s health and contribute to the immiseration and devaluing of women and their children.
I also appreciate the rule’s clarification that all projects receiving Title X funding must protect their employees’ consciences.
And I wholeheartedly support the insistence that Title X projects “comply with all State and local laws requiring notification or reporting of child abuse, child molestation, sexual abuse, rape, incest, intimate partner violence, or human trafficking.” Birth control and abortion play a role in many abusers’ cover-up of abuse and trafficking, and programs receiving Title X funds must do their part to ensure that women, and especially underage girls, are not being coerced into sex.

Go speak for yourself! And DO let us know when you do!

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