Speak for Yourself About Roe v Wade and Abortion

With the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing in the news, WSFT has prepared two helpful tools to help you speak for yourself about abortion!


  1. Here is a short fact sheet on the current legal status of abortion, and the role played by the Supreme Court. You can use this fact sheet to understand the confirmation hearings about to take place at the Senate.
  2. Click here for some suggested talking points that help you respond to common questions about the curbing or ending of legal abortion. You can use these as a jumping-off point to write an op-ed or letter to the editor, you can use them in a status or a comment on social media, or in conversation about your pro-life beliefs with friends and family. They’re not exhaustive, but just examples of ways to pivot the conversation. And they’re yours to use and adapt as you choose.

Many people don’t know that you can be pro-life AND pro-woman. Speaking for yourself with intelligence and grace can help change hearts and minds.

Good luck in speaking for yourself. And let us know when you do!

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