Some Cosmo Magazine Readers Stand with Hobby Lobby

By Meg T. McDonnell, WSFT communications director

On Thursday, March 20, Cosmo Magazine ran an online article about the Hobby Lobby case and what they say is at stake for women. The article was inaccurate and misleading, claiming that Hobby Lobby didn’t want to pay for birth control, and then continuing on to explain why supposedly access to affordable birth control is such a dire women’s issue right now.  To be clear: Hobby Lobby’s request in their lawsuit is to be exempted from covering the four drugs that can act to destroy an embryo–a human life.

Cosmo promoted the article on their Facebook page, claiming that ALL WOMEN should be on the side of the HHS Mandate:


What happened in response to their Facebook post is very encouraging to us here at WSFT! As it turns out, Cosmo does not speak for all of its readers and these women spoke for themselves–pointing out the facts that Cosmo ignored and defending the right to religious freedom.

Here are just some of the comments that followed on this specific Facebook post:


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 Indeed, no one speaks for all women on these issues, Women Speak For Themselves! Kudos to these ladies for speaking out and setting the record straight at Cosmo Magazine! And many thanks to the Green and Hahn families for standing up for their deeply held beliefs, and for the right to religious freedom!


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