Responding to the Atlantic: What Do Religious Women Think of the Contraceptive Mandate?

A new Atlantic Monthly article is out: What Do Religious Women Think of the Contraceptive Mandate? 

Written by Patricia Miller, a champion of abortion rights, and author of a book about pressuring the Catholic Church to accept abortion (

It claims that “Faith leaders have spoken out” against the mandate, but “many of their female followers” feel differently.

The article acknowledges that those who actually practice their faith and attend Mass do NOT in the majority support forcing religious institutions to pay for contraception in their health insurance… but FAILS TO REPORT HOW UNREPRESENTATIVE THE ACTUAL STUDY ( IS OF AMERICAN CATHOLIC WOMEN IN PARTICULAR:


– Half of requested respondents declined to reply. Those who DID reply were wealthier, more educated and more from majority races than those who declined.

-Only 17% of the participants were Catholic, as compared to 24% of the American Population (See

-**Here’s the BIG FACT: In the U.S. about 40-45% of Catholic WOMEN attend church weekly (, but the Catholic women surveyed in the study fall out as follows:
–4% attended MORE than once per week
–0% attended once per week
–17% attended once or twice per month
— and 59% attended a few times per year, once per year or NEVER

In short, the sample of Catholic women who replied looks NOTHING LIKE THE POPULATION OF CATHOLIC WOMEN IN AMERICA.

This study has no relationship to the actual opinions of the body of Catholic Women in the United States.

Please go the Atlantic site and tell them via many comments??

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