Protecting Our Families: The HHS Mandate and Your Family

This Catholic doctor explains the risks women take when ingesting hormonal birth control.

“We all have dreams for our family to be healthy and happy,” she says. “I currently have about 30 young women with breast cancer. Their only risk is that they took the birth control pill for more than five years.”

“The Catholic Church has always stood up for the health of women,” she continued “They recognize that openness to life leads to healthy, happy families. The president’s policies, she says, “lead to an empty swing set.””

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  • Another risk of hormonal contraception is blood clot risk. My three children were diagnosed as having thrombophilia after my oldest daughter took hormonal contraception and developed blood clotting issues. Those of celtic heredity are at high risk of having genetically linked thrombophilia, but this is not something that is typically tested for before prescribing hormonal contraceptive.

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