Promoting WSFT To Family And Friends

We want to reach more women with our materials about religious freedom and women, so we can make an even bigger impact! Can you ask your family and friends to sign our letter?

Here is a great example of how to ask your family and friends. This letter was written by one of our signers, Regina Doman. Thanks, Regina!

Hi friends and family!

Below is an email from an initiative that I feel is really important — a coalition of women who are speaking out against the government’s plans to squash freedom of conscience in the cause of making everyone pay for abortion and contraception.  This fight is really very crucial, and I think it is really important that women who disagree have a voice.
Could you do me a favor? Would you consider joining this initiative by signing the letter you can find here:
Remember, numbers count!  I can assure you that your name isn’t going to be added to random mailing lists by signing it.
And then could you forward this email to others in your family/professional network/church groups and ask them to join as well?
Thanks so much!  This fight is so important.
Peace and good

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