Poor Women are Losing Out on Marriage


What is your reaction when you read the recent headline, “The Most Educated Women are the Most Likely to be Married”?

Relieved? Because you want strong marriages for your kids, your friends and yourself, and you are fortunate enough to be educated (which usually means some college or a college degree)?

Surprised? Because even a Nobel-prize-winning economist predicted that the most financially independent women would not feel the need to choose marriage?

Allow me to suggest two additional and helpful reactions.

Enlightened and full of hope for marriage.  Enlightened because of course privileged women would choose the best for themselves! But also full of hope, because if educated and privileged women are confident about the good of marriage, then maybe they can do more to accompany less privileged women and men as they reach for stable, healthy marriage.

Dismayed and moved to action.  Why shouldn’t less-privileged women have access to marriage if they want it!? They are already denied so much. Why this basic good too? Why should they suffer in communities experiencing too many men with criminal records and too few men with stable jobs?  Why should they face a dating environment in which uncommitted sex is too often the stated price of starting or continuing a relationship?

Especially if this last reaction strikes your mind and heart, consider checking out another project of our Institute—www.IBelieveinLove.com. It’s a place where women and men who are less educated and those who are more educated write alongside each other, seeking to identify and overcome barriers to lasting love and marriage. It’s a sign of hope, that one day it won’t be just the most educated women who get the very best for themselves and their families.

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