Today, there a social media campaign urging people around the country to use the hashtag #ThxBirthControl to promote BC through their social media networks.

WSFT wants YOU to participate in this project, too.

I know it sounds counterintuitive. But all women’s voices deserve to be represented in the debate over the social value of contraception.

You may have noticed recent media hype about the perceived threat to birth control access posed by the new Presidential administration. Whether they foresee BC use declining via changes in Obamacare coverage, or through defunding Planned Parenthood, many pro-abortion, pro-contraception groups are working overtime to flood the media and mobilize supporters and donors.

Our participation in these public awareness campaigns is NOT—as some special interest groups may tell you—about making BC illegal. Rather, we believe that women deserve informed consent about the risks of contraception. Women want the whole story.

So we have to weigh in, and get a little snarky about why we’re not, well, grateful for BC.

We must show the other side of the story that too few people hear- that BC often damages bodies, damages relationships, and damages society by making existing social problems worse.

How birth control comes with serious health risks to women, ranging from potentially lethal blood clots to much higher rates of depression.

How birth control has made women feel pressured into casual sexual relationships they do not want.

So YOUR voice is really important in raising a collective counterargument against the “necessity” of artificial BC.

We know that you have stories to share about how BC has impacted your life, the people you love, or culture as a whole. Tell your story in 140 characters or less- and use the hashtag #ThxBirthControl on all of your tweets and statuses. Here are some sample tweets to get you started:

  1. Birth control: something men won’t take because of side effects, but you think I should? #ThxBirthControl
  2. You messed up my body, my mental health, and my romantic relationships with your empty promises. #ThxBirthControl
  3. Women on any kind of hormonal BC are significantly more likely to develop depression. #ThxBirthControl
  4. Teen girls on hormonal BC are 80 percent more likely to be prescribed anti-depressants. #ThxBirthControl
  5. “Common side effects” include weight gain, nausea, vomiting, cramps, and acne. Awesome. #ThxBirthControl
  6. Widespread use of BC linked to MORE nonmarital pregnancies and elective abortions.  #ThxBirthControl #KnowTheFacts
  7. 54% of women getting abortions in 2000 were using a BC method the month they became pregnant #ThxBirthControl
  8. It takes two to make a baby, but BC places the burden of baby-free sex on women #ThxBirthControl
  9. BC furthers the myth that female fertility can—and must—be controlled. #ThxBirthControl
  10. Universal promotion of BC creates social expectations for women to have casual sex they don’t want. #ThxBirthControl

You can also re-tweet and share tweets, statuses, and graphics from WSFT’s Facebook and Twitter page to your own social networks.

Tweet and share all day if you can, but the time to Tweet most aggressively will be at 2pm ET, when Cosmopolitan is hosting an online Twitter Chat about #ThxBirthControl.

Now, go make your statement today on social media!

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