No Thx, Birth Control.


The #ThxBirthControl social media campaign starts today, November 15.

WSFT wants YOU to participate to show the other side of the story. It’s time to get on Twitter and get bold, maybe even a little sarcastic, about why we’re NOT “grateful” for BC.

Like, #ThxBirthControl for creating sexual culture that fuels social problems like nonmarital pregnancy and widespread abortion.

Or #ThxBirthControl for your serious health risks to women, from blood clots to higher rates of depression.

Or, #ThxBirthControl for making women feel pressured into casual sexual relationships they do not want.

“Tweet” for yourself! Share your 2 cents on birth control in 280 characters or less- and use the hashtag #ThxBirthControl on all of your tweets.

Here are some sample tweets to get you started.

  1. There is nothing wrong with women’s natural bodies. #ThxBirthControl #ButNoThx
  2. Women using hormonal birth control have a significantly higher risk of developing depression #ThxBirthControl
  3. Men won’t take it, but I should? For the sexism and side effects, #ThxBirthControl
  4. You screwed up my fertility, my mental health, and my romantic relationships with your empty promises. #ThxBirthControl
  5. “Common side effects” include weight gain, nausea, acne and depression. #ThxBirthControl
  6. Birth control changed sexual norms& INCREASED unplanned pregnancies and elective abortions.#ThxBirthControl #KnowTheFacts
  7. Teen girls on hormonal BC are 80 percent more likely to be prescribed anti-depressants. #ThxBirthControl
  8. Over ½ of women getting abortions were using a contraceptive method the month they became pregnant. #ThxBirthControl
  9. It takes two to make a baby, but BC places the burden of baby-free sex on women #ThxBirthControl
  10. BC furthers the myth that female fertility can—and must—be controlled. #ThxBirthControl
  11. Widespread access to contraception creates social expectations for women to have casual sex they don’t want. #ThxBirthControl

You can also re-tweet and share tweets, statuses, and graphics from WSFT’s Facebook and Twitter page to your own social networks.

Go write, “Tweet” and “Share”!

PS: If you haven’t yet, apply for our expense-paid media training ($350 flight/travel plus accommodations!) taking place this March. Applications close tonight, November 15, the same day as #ThxBirthControl!

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