Need help speaking for yourself? Here’s a guide.

I know that even though it’s still August, most of you are getting revved up for fall, so I thought I would put an idea in your cap in advance, and a guide to executing it.

The idea occurred to Meg and me in connection with our very successful campaigns this summer to encourage you to oppose Teen Vogue’s anal sex essay, and the New York Times’ hit piece on religious freedom and the contraception mandate.

We need to do an even better job at what we’re doing: communicating how keeping sex, marriage and kids together frees women, children and the whole society.

By which I mean that in addition to calling out terrible things, we need to help the promoters of terrible things see the light.  We need to attract them.

I know, I know…many elite promoters of sexual license are not the slightest bit interested in our advice.  But we have to show them truth and beauty anyway.  This is attractive.

Furthermore, there are lots of people who do agree with us about how awful this or that thing is; but they have no idea how to get from there to understanding and living good things.

So I pledge myself to try harder to better engage my ideological opponents with charity and reason, and to encourage you to do the same.  I will speak with them directly. I will point out their errors with facts and not with spleen.

In order to help you to do the same, we’re offering a writing guide for WSFT, assembled by Meg and Kat to help you very practically maximize the power of truth and love in your arguments.

And my best to you in these waning days of summer.  Will be back in touch soon with some wonderful projects going forward,


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