Millennial Women Speak for Themselves


Amy McInerny serves as the Executive Director of Human Life Action, an initiative of NCHLA. She is the mother of three children, including WSFT intern Rita.

Listen up, Big Pharma! Millennial women aren’t buying what you’re selling. They are thinking and speaking for themselves. They are also finding new ways to communicate the truth with others. The future looks bright in my corner of the world.

I don’t think they have all been together since grade school in Indiana when they formed a club called the Mini-Manufacturers (M&M). In addition to those meetings to which American Girl Dolls were always welcome, they produced a charming publication called The M&M Times. It is out of print now as the girls have gotten busy with the demands of high school and college. I have missed seeing them together.

You can imagine my delight then to come home last evening to hear the sound of laughter pouring out of my daughter’s room.

Old habits die hard. I found them gathered around the laptop collaborating. There were no dolls in sight; rather they were trying to get a new message out to American women. One of the young women is interning at WSFT, and was trying to craft some content to inspire other young women about the many benefits to health and happiness that NFP produces. As she worked on graphics to post on the web in observance of National Natural Family Planning Week (NFP) Week, the rest of the girls were cheering her on.

When I inquired as to what all the noise was about, I was treated to an animated explanation of the importance of NFP even for single women who deserve to know about their health and the carcinogenic dangers of artificial birth control.

It looks like this generation is off to a great start. I predict that before long, all women will have access to the information they need—millennial women are only too happy to share it!

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