Meg McDonnell HHS SCOTUS Rally Speech Text

My name is Meg McDonnell and I’m the communications director for Women Speak For Themselves.

Meg at SCOTUSWomen Speak For Themselves is a grassroots organization with more than 41,000 women from all 50 states and various political and religious backgrounds. Our list is made up of diverse and intelligent women–with thousands of doctors, lawyers, teachers, businesswomen, homeschooling mothers, and longtime community advocates. Our partnership with these women—which began in 2012—has produced hundreds of letters to the editor, town hall meetings, letters and meetings with congressional representatives, social media postings, and the occasional protest, all in support of women and religious freedom. Our women and their efforts have shown time and again that women care about religious liberty!

Statistics show that women practice religion more than men and claim more often that it is crucial to their lives.  Also, fascinating data shows that countries around the world which respect religious freedom are also more likely to recognize the equality of the female half of the human race. Those who are supporting the HHS Mandate and claim to speak for all women are simply trying to divert attention away from the serious religious liberty issues at stake.

Our women stand with Green and the Hahn families in their pursuit for protection for their deeply held beliefs. Both family businesses currently provide benefit packages that are more generous than is required and than many of their competitors provide. Both families run their businesses with the demands of family life at the heart of their practice. All the Green and Hahn families want is to continue running their businesses as their consciences direct. The HHS Mandate, and particularly the expectation for businesses to pay for drugs which can act to kill an embryo—a human life—interferes with the Greens’ and the Hahns’ freedom to run their businesses according to their consciences.

Some of our women agree with the Green and Hahn families’ objections to these drugs, some do not. All of our women agree, however, that businesses with consciences are good for women, good for families, and good for America. No one speaks for all women on these issues. Women Speak for Themselves.

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