WSFT Spokeswomen Review

And happy February! I want to:
 -Report on our first Media Training which went marvelously
-And give you some New Information for your use.

1. We had our first ever Media Training for 21 members of WSFT here in DC January 23-24. You would have been so proud of your sisters in WSFT! They were doctors, lawyers, moms, educators, crisis pregnancy counselors, and the list goes on. We worked hard for about 16 hours together with leading trainers in the fields of television, radio, writing, social media, lobbying and education. Each woman was coached regarding her expertise, and each had a chance to talk, and get advice  from a group about her “worst fears” respecting speaking on sometimes difficult topics. By the end, I think it’s true to say that none of us has any doubt that public conversation about women, and religious freedom and sex and contraception and abortion, will be greatly improved when our voices are more and more a part of it. These women are now much more empowered to step up in their communities and to speak out about religious freedom and women’s freedom.

There is a good chance we can repeat this training every 12 months or so if we raise the funds (we were able to fly in, house and train everybody, thanks to donations). In the meantime, we will be making the training manual we compiled available to you later this month!
            2. Even as the government continues to insist in its legal documents that they are pursuing the HHS Mandate as a matter of women’s health, scientific evidence about the dangers of hormonal contraception continues to emerge, gaining the attention even of mainstream media. Check out these recent articles from Time magazine no less, warning about the risks of the pill and of Depo Provera the latter being one of the government’s favorite “LARCs” (long acting, reversible contraceptives) for poor women here and abroad.
Please continue to send us examples of your activities in your communities – wherever they appear! Papers, Web, schools, parishes, etc. We will offer them as examples to other women looking for ways to make their own voices heard.

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