Long-acting contraception can harm teen girls…but you can help


Initially, this info was only going to go to our WSFT Gatherings group leaders (if you haven’t signed up yet, consider starting)! But we realized that the issue we are about to discuss is such a big deal —and so rarely addressed — that we wanted everyone to have this information.

The latest push to rob sex of its meaning, and separate sex from its connection to marriage and children, is the “long active reversible contraceptive” (“LARCs”).  Ob/Gyn journals and doctors’ associations, Planned Parenthood, and some state governments are leading the charge for LARCs. This includes encouraging LARCs -usage among teen girls, even before they are sexually active. No matter a person’s moral stance on contraception, it pays to get educated about LARCs, because they are being promoted to your daughters and friends big time.

LARCs further distance sex from any thought of commitment or marriage or kids as the young woman’s “default position” becomes “sterility.” LARCs are a lot like temporary sterilization. Minority and poor communities know this and are suspicious of LARCs, even as government programs have resulted in more use of LARCs among minorities and the poor than among privileged women.

Today, both Republicans and Democrats are inclined to support LARCs in the name of compassion, abortion-reduction, poverty-reduction, and women’s empowerment. You need to be empowered to resist the simplistic cheerleading for LARCs (and speak for yourself about the problems they create). The following resources can help.

  1. WSFT’s fact sheet for your use and distribution.
  2. WSFT Gatherings Questions for September, to be used for your WSFT Gathering, or as food-for-thought for you and your friends.

Once you familiarize yourself with LARCs…can you do our movement a huge favor and write an op-ed for your local paper? Our writing guideline will help you take this information to construct a publishable article on LARCs. Some ideas for an op-ed topic:

  • Why young women deserve better than LARCs
  • How LARCs contribute to a relational culture that makes women miserable
  • Why “women’s health” isn’t furthered by LARCs
  • Why NFP and fertility awareness should be promoted to teens, instead of LARCs

Thanks again for your continued good work…and tell me when you write!

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