This video – graphic and explicit in some parts — is a good example of how you don’t have to be religious to find birth control disturbing for more than a few good reasons. “If Your Birth Control was Your Boyfriend”  by comedian Honora Talbott was featured in a Huffington Post article this morning and already has several thousand YouTube views. Its gross references are NOT for everyone, but it probably has the power to convince some women.

“If Your Birth Control was Your Boyfriend” satirizes modern woman’s surfeit of lackluster BC options via a make-believe game show. “Contraception Connection’ features bachelors who stand in for common types of BC—from the “oral contraceptive” hipster who plays mind games, to the brutalist, pain-inducing IUD.


The video is funny and truthful, and the completely unappealing nature of contraception is on full display.  Looking at it more closely, though, it begs the question: how is “open access” to various contraceptive methods actually freeing to women? Are we merely offering them a non-choice between multiple terrible options? And how are we furthering women’s happiness by making child-free sex their accepted responsibility?

As “Contraception Connection” illustrates, carefree sex is not carefree. Even if, like the protagonist, you have only one partner—contraception can bring a host of physical, emotional, and relational complications.

At the end, the video suggests that the answer lies in a male contraceptive pill. I’m not sure how this would change any of the above problems, beyond potentially transferring the physical consequences of BC to men.

Still the video does a great job of showing that women aren’t satisfied with their so-called contraceptive “options”, which in the end don’t really seem like options at all.

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