Ideas For Writing

We believe that women, empowered with facts, can influence the media and their local community. Our Ideas for Writers resources are meant to give you the best guidance for writing Letters to the Editor and Opinion pieces for your local papers. Not much of a writer? Get to know your local reporters,  send them our information, and offer yourself as a source for their stories on women, abortion, and the surrounding issues.

WSFT Writers’ Guide

A brief guide that aims to help you craft op-eds, blog posts, and other written publications suitable for various media outlets.

What’s Speaking To Us Newsletter

A weekly newsletter highlighting recent articles, publications, books, and resources relevant to empowering women and reconnecting sex, marriage, and children.

Tips for Speaking for Yourself

A collection of blog posts written by WSFT staff and members containing helpful tips for writing, social media engagement, and conversation about the most contentious issues concerning women, sex, dating, marriage, and children.