Humanae Vitae’s Impact On All Women

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50 years ago today, a prophetic document was published. It predicted that widespread use of artificial contraception would lead to the disrespect of women’s bodies, and the degradation of relationships.

Today, who can deny it? We see the effects every day of how widespread contraception has, among other things, changed sexual expectations in a way that disadvantages women.

That’s why—though it was written by and for the Catholic Church—Humanae Vitae has connected with women today of all backgrounds and faiths. In rejecting artificial contraception, explaining the meaning and purpose of sex, and affirming that fertility and marriage were good, it has been a beacon of hope and sanity to women navigating the aftereffects of the sexual revolution.

WSFT member Alysse ElHage  just published this article about how Humanae Vitae impacted her as a Protestant. And WSFT member Alana Newman, a former pro-choice atheist, has even made a film that talks about how the concepts within Humanae Vitae changed her life, and the lives of many women burned by the sexual revolution.

The 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae coincides with NFP Week. NFP week is a national educational campaign to share how Natural Family Planning (planning your family using “fertility awareness”) can benefit women, marriages, and families.

As Alana says, NFP “reconnects sex and babies in people’s imagination. It means that every time a man approaches a woman for sex, he can’t help but recognize the power of her body to make new human beings. That recognition of power is the beginning of respect.”

WSFT has created this helpful fact sheet about NFP so that you can learn and share the facts with curious family, friends, and your wider community. You can help encourage women to make healthy choices for their bodies and their relationships by sharing the benefits of fertility-awareness based methods (FABMs), known by many as NFP.

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