How you can DIRECTLY help young women in 2015


Greetings and Happy Almost New Year!

As we head into 2015 let me thank you for what we did together in 2014. We made our 40,000+ voices heard at the Supreme Court with our amicus brief in the victorious Hobby Lobby case. We published letters and editorials and our pink fish logo was seen in papers around the United States. And we organized media training for 20 of our own women, which will begin in one month! ALL with your help and support.

And this coming year we have even more ambitious plans!

In the United States, people of every political stripe are waking up to one of WSFT’s deepest convictions: you can’t fix larger economic and social problems without fixing our genuinely toxic sexual culture – a culture that hurts women, children and especially poor women, by equating women’s “freedom” with casual sex, divorced both from kids and from marriage. My goodness(!) conservative and liberal writers at the New York Times even agree!

Our group has two UNIQUE responses to this fact. NO ONE ELSE is doing what we’re doing and I’m eager to bring you into our work even more:

First, we empower women to tell their own stories about what freedom for women really entails. We’ll be doing even more of this next year with important Mandate cases making their way to the Supreme Court. We’ll depend on your help with letter writing, social media activism, prayers and financial support.

Second, in connection with the website we started,, (which I wrote to you about last year) this coming year we will be sending out young married couples to lower-middle income communities across the US to befriend young women and men, and to invite them to be part of a movement that will “re-envision” relationships where sex, marriage, and children belong together. We have one couple doing this work already and we’re already making a difference in the lives of young women and men (see Brittany, Jazmin, and Madeline). Will you help us reach more young women and men with this work?

A generous donor has offered us a $10,000 matching grant to help us grow I Believe in Love. Can you DONATE to help us match that grant? $15? $25? $50? $100? There is no gift that is too small! We also have the capability to take monthly donations, so consider making small monthly contributions?

Everybody knows that poorer Americans are paying the price for the government’s ridiculous message (sent by the Mandate, federally endorsed sex-ed programs, etc): sex equals freedom, so long as you are protected against kids and disease. But while lot of people are talking about how disadvantaged Americans are suffering from this message, we are actually doing something practical about it.

We can’t do this work without you, and we’re eager to keep making an impact in the lives of those who need us. Thank you for considering!


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