How To Find Women For Your WSFT Gathering

Many of you are having great success in starting your WSFT Gatherings! It’s been a delight to read the encouraging responses on our feedback page about WSFT Gatherings springing up across the country.

Some of you have emailed WSFT to explain that while you wanted to start a WSFT Gathering-you just couldn’t find like-minded women! This is a problem that can be resolved, even if you live in a community that seems hostile to your beliefs. Here are some suggestions that may help you meet women for your group:

  1. If you are a woman of faith, we suggest starting at your local house of worship. You can contact the pastor and find out if you can host your Gathering right there: at your parish, church, temple, etc. Place a note in the members’ bulletin with the date, time, and a little background on the purpose of your WSFT Gathering. If you have permission you could give a short explanation after worship services, and see if you ferret out local people who seem interested!
  2. Get in touch with local pro-life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers to see if they might know of members or volunteers who may want to participate. Explain that you are concerned about how today’s sexual culture creates demand for abortion in your community. Tell them you want to get a group going to address these issues.
  3. If you know of one or two women who might be partly likeminded, (like pro-life and pro-sexual sanity personally, even if your politics differ), you should still invite them to your Gathering if they seem open to it. Explain that you want to listen to their ideas about improving relationships and the future of women generally. Many women across the political aisle agree that today’s objectifying sexual culture is not pro-woman, and it is beneficial for us to hear a variety of perspectives on this issue.

Trying one or all of these ideas should help you find enough women to start your group. Even just two women meeting monthly can make a difference. And we’d be surprised if over time your group doesn’t grow!

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