How Pro Lifers Care About Women and Mothers

Having praised the New York Times from time to time when they publish stories with several grains of truth about pro-life women, it is only fair to point out when its sanity is soooo MIA, that it needs highlighting.  This way, we can reassure ourselves of our own sanity.

So we’re perfectly right to wonder what kind of pro-abortion blinders cause the Times to publish an editorial where a woman berates pro-lifers for making “invisible” or “eras[ing” the mothers of unborn children, because President Trump’s State of the Union praised a police officer and his wife for adopting the child of a woman suffering addiction problems, without using the mother’s name on television.

The officer involved also set up a GoFundMe page for the mother, helped her get admission to drug treatment and reports that she has been “clean for 40 days.”   The author of the editorial claims that this is proof positive that pro-lifers take the “woman out of the story… erase her from the picture, [and] characterize her as nothing more than the place that ‘pre-born baby’ happens to reside.”

Right, that’s why abortion advocates run all the crisis pregnancy centers and the largest private charitable services for single moms.

Oh, right, pro-lifers do.

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Photo credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

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