Ending Abortion: Why Sex and Dating Need to be Part of the Conversation

As a part of the WSFT movement, you already know that sex and dating expectations lead to crisis pregnancies– and more abortions.

In thinking about how we can better equip you—a smart, action-minded pro-life woman—we realized we needed some “foundational documents” at WSFT. These FREE documents, in e-book form, will explain basic concepts of WHY sex, marriage, and kids are connected. They will boost your knowledge, but also are written in a way to easily share with your friends.

Our first e-book introduces you to the women most likely to choose abortion. 85% of abortions are performed on single women. But why do single women choose abortion? And how can we help?

Our e-book explains the romantic and sexual environment they face (which leaves them at greater risk of crisis pregnancies). And it offers positive ways that you can make an impact in their lives, and the lives of their children.

We hope this book bolsters your understanding of women at risk for abortion. But one big reason we wrote the e-book is because we need more women to know what you already know! Can you think of two or three friends who are not engaged in our work yet, and send them the book?

ALL pro-life women should be equipped to help stop crisis pregnancies before they start.

The more women talking about the role sex and dating plays in abortion, the better. The more eyes on women who are vulnerable to abortion—and the more willing hands to lift them up, and change the environment around them—the better.

Won’t you share our (free) book and help us grow WSFT’s movement?

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