Ending Abortion: Why Sex and Dating Need to be Part of the Conversation

Did you know that 85% of abortions are performed on single women?

Did you know that women in communities where abortion is common are generally pro-life?

Why do these women choose abortion? And how can we help?

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Women Speak For Themselves (WSFT) is a national pro-life organization with tens of thousands of women working to end abortion by helping women prevent crisis pregnancies AND empowering women to reach their desires for marriage and motherhood. We’re in need of more women, of all different backgrounds and experiences, to join our cause for women and for life.


This brief e-book will explain:

1. Why women end up in crisis pregnancies;

2. The roles sex, dating, and romance with the baby’s father play into a woman’s decision to choose abortion;

3. What pro-life women can do TODAY to help women vulnerable to abortion

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