Encourage a Future Mom, Win a Trip to DC!

Millennial women are less likely to be mothers by their thirties than women of any other generation.

There are many reasons for this: declining marriage rates and later marriage. Even married couples sometimes experience economic instability, leading them to put children on hold.

But there’s another important reason why women today may be delaying parenthood: fear.

Women with children, or an openness to children, have a powerful role in helping the next generation of potential mothers.

Can you write a letter, between 200-500 words, encouraging young women not to fear motherhood? Any woman can write a letter, but letters from women who are mothers will be especially compelling.  Write about how women can find an inner competence to bear and raise their children, even in tough times. Why motherhood is more joy than drudgery? How the choice to love can triumph over fear? How specific moments in motherhood helped you overcome your fear?

We want women who are afraid of motherhood to hear the encouraging voices of women like you, and find a new perspective! So much so, that we’re sweetening the deal with a contest!

  1. The first prize winner will automatically receive a place in next year’s WSFT media training, including a $350 travel stipend and accommodations in Washington, DC.
  2. Three runners-up will receive signed copies of both of my books.

Please send us your letter via the form on this page by Monday, May 7. We will announce the winners before Mother’s Day.

AND PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG to the mothers and encouraging women you know! The more letters, the better: we want to eventually make many of the letters available on our website, as resources to encourage women who fear motherhood. We also hope to provide them to crisis pregnancy centers and other groups supporting women and life!

Thank you- and can’t wait to read your beautiful, encouraging words.

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