Empowered Women Can Change Things

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for the issues of women and abortion, hasn’t it?! It was so encouraging to see so many pro-life women at the March for Life on Friday– thanks to all who attended or showed support on social media!

While we made a substantial showing, doesn’t it seem like opposition between pro-life and pro-choice Americans is only getting more intense? With the Women’s March refusing to let us ally the pro-life cause with women at all?

The heightened discord also reminds us that no matter what decision any politician or the Supreme Court makes, we will never end the cycle of abortion unless more women reconnect sex with marriage and children in our culture. We need to do this work: to spread the truth in love, and take appropriate action. Because no one else will. If we don’t, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and their Hollywood friends will only be too happy to fill in- and, in fact, they already are.

That’s why WSFT is looking for women just like you to lead local member gatherings, aimed to empower you to take action in your communities for women and children and families.

Here’s a two minute video message from me, explaining how these gatherings will work:

We encourage you to gather women open to talking about these issues, and figure out what is doable in your own town! The gatherings will also give you and your friends the support you need to encourage each other in your efforts.

Sign up for the WSFT Gatherings materials at our website. And stay in touch with us about them.

Can there be any doubt that the times call for women like you, empowered with facts, and eager to change a culture…one person and one heart at a time?!


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